Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hello Again!

I know it's been forever since I last update here, I really need to get into the habit of updating here more often. But things have been going really well and I've been pretty busy with everything. Despite all of the crazyness, I have been having so much fun! I have made some really great improvements in the gym and had some pretty good  meets over the past few months. I am so happy at Rocky Mountain with Brad and Laura and just so grateful that they came back to Colorado! 

So I guess I'll get started with some meet results from the past few months. I already wrote about Nationals, so I guess I'll go from there. I got to compete at the Olympic Festival in Fort Collins, Colorado in July and that was a lot of fun. The Olympic Training Squad was there and we got to watch them train and perform at an exhibition which was great. I competed for the South Team and scored a 36.25 all-around in prelims which placed me in a tie for 9th and I was able to move on to the all-around final! I also qualified to all 4 event finals, so I felt really great about that! In the all-around final I placed 10th out of 12 with a 35.825, so not my best, but a great experience for me. On vault I placed 2nd with a 9.175, on bars I was 5th with a 9.025, on beam I was 8th (last) which an 8.675, but qualifying for the final was huge for me!, on floor I placed 8th with an 8.875 which I was pretty disappointed in because I know I can do a ton better, but I know where I need to improve. 
After that I headed home and was able to follow the Olympics really closely and see the US team do an incredible job! It was great to see some people I knew and had the chance to train with a little bit do so well. 
I had a little bit of a break and resumed competing at the New Haven Invitational in Connecticut in September. I didn't have a great meet, but it was good to get back into the swing of things. I placed 24th out of 32 in the all-around with a 35.625. My scores were: vault- 9.275 and 8.775, bars- 8.8, beam- 8.525, and floor- 9.025. 
Last weekend I competed at the Kosmic Klassic in Michigan, I'll post back with those scores when I get them. 
I might compete at the Seabrook Apparatus Masters meet in South Carolina from October 17th-19th, I'm not totally sure yet, but I think I'm going. Then I have a Junior Camp in Fort Collins from October 23rd-26th which I am really excited about! Some assignments will be given out and I really hope I get one! But if not, it's a chance to train in front of Corina so I just hope I can do as well as possible and meet some new people. There is also the Gym Stars Oktoberfest and Cascade Locks Invitational coming up, so I'll see if I end up at either or both of those, but hopefully I do! I love to compete. It's really expensive for my family, but we have been doing some crazy fundraising over the past few months to help with all of the costs and I think we've managed to cover quite a bit of the expenses. That makes me feel a lot better because I'm not taking the money from my family. 
In other news, I turned 15 in August and am in 10th grade this year! I feel really old! In January I have to start competing as a senior which is really scary and I know I have a lot of work to do to be at their level, so I have a few upgrades in the works to help make that transition. School is going okay, about the same as usual but I'm having fun. 
And in really big news, Gabriel is getting married! He turned 21 in June and proposed to his girlfriend since 11th grade over Labor Day weekend! Her name is Rachel and we all love her! They are getting married in April and we are all looking forward to it! He has been working really hard to save money to buy a house for the two of them in Georgetown and he is so happy. We have been spending even more time with Rachel and her family and we couldn't be happier! Allie and I get to be bridesmaids along with Rachel's sister, Grace. I've never been in a wedding before, so this should be super fun! 
Everyone else is doing great also. Allie is in her 2nd year at the University of Denver and doing super well! And Daniel is a senior in high school and the star football player. He has a few recruits coming after him, but he's not sure he wants to do the whole college thing yet. He would love to play football, but going to school for 4 more years doesn't really sound like fun for him which I totally understand. My mom's jewelry store was super busy over the summer and my dad's job has been doing well, so we are all happy and healthy! 
I guess that's about it for now, hopefully I'll update again much sooner!